FlaxPDF is a fast, nice multithreaded PDF viewer for the desktop.


Light on dependencies: Licensed under the GPLv3.

Scales to 8 cores and more.

Only the sky number of pages is the limit.

Trim by default.

Large margins?
No more manual zooming.

Up to 92% smaller, with up to 95% less cpu usage.

Evince90%56.8 MB507 KB
ePDFview72%46.3 MB124 KB
FlaxPDF57% (5%*)36.5 MB45 KB

* Default measurement with Vesa, number in parenthesis on Radeon. Only FlaxPDF supports GPU acceleration.

Download the latest release.
View development sources (git).

v0.7.3 v0.7.2 v0.7.1 v0.7 v0.6.1